Aphex Twin +CD+ Start as you mean to go on
  [experimental techno] [6:05]

[...I care because you do]
Aphex Twin +single CD+ ...I care because you do
  [experimental techno] [whole album]

Autechre +CD+ Slip
  [ambient] [6:21]

Autechre +single CD+ Amber
  [ambient] [whole album]

Bob James +CD+ Nautilus
  [smooth jazz] [5:04]

[1974 (2009)]
[The Very Best Of Bob James]
Bob James +CD+ Westchester Lady
  [smooth jazz] [7:01]

[1976 (2009)]
[The Very Best Of Bob James]
Brian Eno +CD+ 1/1
  [ambient] [17:21]

[Ambient 1: Music
for Airports]
Daniel Stefanik +bought mp3+ Dambala Experience
  [dubstep/experimental] [7:27]

[Dambala Experience]
Dettinger +radio+ Strange Fruit
  [experimental ambient] [4:48]

[Clicks & Cuts]
echo +self made+ ... far ambience ...
  [ambient] [13:29]

Enya +CD+ Caribbean Blue
  [pop-fantasy] [3:58]

[Shepherd Moons]
Future Sound of London +CD+ Cascade
  [ambient] [5:59]

Future Sound of London +double CD+ Lifeforms
  [ambient] [whole album]

Goldie +radio+ Inner City Life
  [drum and bass] [5:21]

Grid +cassette+ Swamp Thing
  [techno] [6:41]

Kleerup +bought mp3+ Chords
  [dance] [3:53]

Maurizio +CD+ M05A
  [dub techno] [7:32]

migloJE +free download+ ammbisso flat
  [glitch/idm] [8:02]

[Linear Emotions]
Opus III +CD+ It's A Fine Day
  [techno dance] [3:32]

[Mind Fruit]
Orb +CD+ Blue Room
  [ambient] [39:58, 17:34, 6:03, 4:11, 4:01]

[U. F. Orb]
Orb +CD+ a huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules
from the centre of the ultraworld: live mix mk 10
  [ambient] [18:49]

[The Orb's Adventures
Beyond the Ultraworld]
Orb +CD+ Toxygene
  [pop ambient-techno] [3:28, 5:16]

Orb +single CD+ Orblivion
  [ambient-techno] [whole album]

Orb +single CD+ U. F. Off - The Best Of The Orb
  [ambient-techno] [whole album]

Ost +radio+ Ebola
  [experimental] [4:18]

Paul van Dyk +bought mp3+ My World
  [dance trance] [4:04]

[My World]
raphael blackwolf +free download+ 05316 (Transform)
  [ambient] [10:05]

raphiel +free download+ aa-3875
  [ambient] [12:34]

Rapoon -I don't have it yet- Sky-Heroes
  [ambient] [4:50]

[Raising Earthly Spirits]
Robert Rich +single DVD+ Somnium
  [deep deep ambient] [whole album (7 hours!)]

Teste +bought mp3+ The Wipe
  [techno] [4:51]

[The Wipe]
Usura +CD+ Open Your Mind
  [dance trance electronica] [5:18]

[Open Your Mind: The Album]